Product Description

A vintage grooming set consisting of a small hand mirror and comb, and a leather case.

The mirror and comb are chunky, and look 1960s style.
They are made of plastic, coloured to look like tortoiseshell.

They slot inside their own leather wallet.
This has an embossed border, and one side is embossed with an heraldic shield containing a red and white Maltese cross.
The reverse side of this case has faint traces of a fish and flower – these may have been originally coloured in?

As you can see, the leather case doesn’t completely cover the comb and mirror – just the “business parts”.
The handles stick out; they have a central fingerhole, to make it easy to remove them from the case.

When the case is empty, it can be opened flat, to show the plain leather surface on the other side.
The lining on the inside of the case has patterns of horses and flowers.

The set (when packed in the case) measures about 5 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ (14.5 cm x 8 cm), and weighs 80g.

Good used condition.
The comb and mirror are in very good condition, but with surface marks from normal use.
The black leather case is in good condition, with some wear, particularly at the top edges where it folds back.
The non-embossed side has faint impressions of a fish and a flower – possibly these used to be coloured pictures, but if so, the colour has long since worn away.